A Quick Look in The Holy Book

By Jawad Al Ansari - XKP

The Books which dominate the realm this day as Gospel, the Books of God, are the Bible and the Qur'an. we must always examine those Books. we must always now not depend on the phrases, "Just believe". finally, we now have a tool to imagine with, we've a device to undo the errors with, and to permit us to tell apart among correct and fallacious. If we didn't have such energy, then it fairly wouldn't subject what publication we or what trust or faith we followed. we'd in addition be as animals, simply devour and sleep...


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Publisher: Ansariyan guides – Qum

ISBN: 964-438-431-8

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How can or not it's gospel and revelation? Moses turns into God and Aaron is His Prophet allow us to learn the subsequent in Exodus 7:1: "Then the LORD stated to Moses, "See, i've got made you love god to Pharaoh, and your brother Aaron could be your prophet. " See how courageous the writers of the Bible are! How dare they modify God's phrases and exchange them with such irony, after which declare that it got here from God? How can a sensible guy say that God made one other god with him, and made a Prophet for the opposite god? is that this no longer the made from someone’s imagination—someone who has had the aid of different, like-minded folks in generating this tale? My Christian acquaintances, how are you going to think that this comes from God? bankruptcy 6 Contradiction within the outdated testomony (Torah) within the publication of Exodus 33:20, we learn the next: "But, he acknowledged, “You can't see my face, for not anyone may even see me and reside. " Now evaluate this to what's written within the booklet of Genesis 32:30: So Jacob known as where Peniel, announcing, "It is simply because I observed God nose to nose, and but my lifestyles was once spared. " every person can needless to say see this blatant contradiction. is that this contradiction appropriate? Now we needs to query even if God can in truth be noticeable or no longer! If He might be obvious, then why don't you sooner than Moses? And if He can't be noticeable, then why did he seem prior to Jacob? Now, for a different contradiction concerning Moses, see Exodus 33:11: "The LORD could communicate to Moses head to head, as a guy speaks along with his pal. What are we to think? Many nice scientists and philosophers have confirmed that God can't be obvious end result of the barriers and weaknesses that people have. many stuff exist however the human eye can't see them. Human eyesight is weaker than that of a few animals. How for this reason can the previous testomony say that folks have noticeable God? This contradicts all wisdom that we've got! The outdated testomony permits the Killing of girls and blameless childrens within the publication of Numbers 31:17, we learn the subsequent: "Now kill all of the boys. And kill each lady who has slept with a guy. ” additionally, see Deuteronomy 2:34: "At that point we took all his cities and entirely destroyed them ­men, girls and kids. " the idea of this negative holocaust drains the eyes of tears and fills the human center with ache and sorrow. shall we relate such acts of destructions to the likes of Genghis Khan, yet without doubt to not Moses, the Messenger of God (P). give it some thought, what's the use of killing girls and blameless kids? What sin have they devoted to deserve such bloodbath? and what sort of knowledge and faith may permit this sort of depressing factor to occur? i'm certain that the folks who wrote the previous and New Testaments did to be able to permit the killing and murdering of the folks of Palestine, in particular in aid of Zionism this day. Their excuse should be that the Bible lets them take such acts of oppression, placing them out in their personal houses and their very own kingdom and killing them. Can this be thought of Gospel? No, in any way! bankruptcy 7 unusual Case while turning into a Prophet within the previous testomony, Samuel I 10:5, we learn the next: "After that you'll visit Gibeah of God, the place there's a Philistine outpost.

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